Transforming the Passenger Experience

As 67% of passengers would make more trips to your airport if pre-flight experience were improved, our solution offers:

  • Travelers stay informed of flight status with real-time updates
  • Interactive maps help passengers navigate between gates, restaurants and lounges
  • Digital guide to the terminal helps travelers
  • Special offers from retailers and concessionaires create a more pleasant passenger experience
  • Send proximity-related messages and offers based on users’ actions, such as crossing a geo-fence or passing by a beacon
  • Target content and advertising to any customer segment
  • Track engagement and attribution through the entire sales funnel
  • Send message to individual users or the entire area

It’s clear that location-enabled technology fuels a wide range of features that are beneficial to passengers. That very same technology
also empowers you to gain deep insight into passenger behavior. With that insight, you can streamline and improve airport operations