Native Map Experience With Zoom and Rotation

We keep up with the latest Google and Apple mapping technologies so our user experience is on par with that of the apps your users are accustomed to. Phunware maps support rotation, zooming and full outdoor contextual references including roads, neighborhoods and landmarks

Points of Interest

Display important points of interest (POIs) on your venue map like restaurants, shops, ATMs and restroom facilities. For each POI, manage important details like hours of operation, menus, pictures, descriptions and even custom icons to provide additional contextual details.

Search and Filtering

Rich search capabilities allow a user to search for any POI or meta-data associated with the POI. Developers can also leverage the filtering capabilities which provide additional display flexibility

Routing and Navigation

Empower visitors to find their way to any point of interest with custom indoor routes. Standard and accessible routing ensures everyone has a positive navigation experience.