Build a Community

When it comes to consumer-focused mobile apps, businesses are looking to develop a strong consumer community that can be easily accessed for promotions, advertising, referrals, and feedback. In a world of consumer digital revolution, communicating product benefits in a rich, interactive and engaging way is crucial for garnering attention of a potential customer. With the use of consumer-focused mobile apps designed by us, businesses can achieve this objective with ease. We design a variety of brand-specific interactive mobile apps, informative apps, and social media integrated apps that are loved and shared by consumers.

Drive Location-specific Offerings

With growth of GPS-enabled mobile phones, companies can easily target customers when they are in the vicinity of their stores, or are at a specific location or events where pushing tactical promotional messages might entice action. We design such location-based mobile apps that utilize the GPS capabilities of the mobile device to push right messaging to your consumers at the right time. Reaching the consumers when the probability of them taking an action is highest has become a proven strategy to increase sales.

Present a lifestyle Experience

Showcase your products or services in an innovative way on the new generation devices. We enable you to tell richer brand stories and drive deeper engagement with personalized and highly creative product demos. Your sales team can now ignite brand interactions through immersive solutions like high definition 3D 360° views of your products that let buyers explore, interact, and appreciate your products at a deeper level.

Enable m-Commerce

Your customers can easily make purchases through your mobile apps or microsites with completely integrated payment gateway mobile app solutions offered by Momentum Solutions. We design secure mobile apps that have full shopping cart capabilities and can accept payments through credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, etc., and even let consumers utilize their loyalty card points, reward points, promotional coupons, and gift vouchers. There is no better way to offer greater convenience to your customers and offer them a truly cross-channel shopping experience.

Innovate with Augmented Reality

A smart device user looks for having an insightful experience by pointing device onto a product. Be it exploring product functionality or features or previewing in a particular context, Momentum’s team has relevant experience to deliver augmented reality in reality. We design powerful real + virtual experiences that utilize the device capabilities including camera, multi-touch, GPS, and gyroscope to offer next-level and highly personalized experiences such as virtual changing rooms, additional product/location information, creative customer support, etc. The possibilities are limitless.

  • Increased loyalty – The more time, money and energy you save your customers, the more likely they are to make you their “go-to” place to shop. If mobile app(s) can make their lives easier, that equals a more loyal customer base for your business.
  • Increased engagement – You know your customers like your products, but a mobile app can do more than simply sell inventory. Successful apps make your brand more accessible to your customers, and enable you to contribute to their lives in a meaningful way that goes far beyond retail sales.
  • Increased awareness – The more visible your brand is to your customer base, the more likely they are to buy your product. The more they’re satisfied with your product, the more brand loyalty your customers will have. The greater their brand loyalty, the more often they’ll return to your brand instead of a competitor’s