Shoppers love their smartphones, and they also appreciate it when shopping centers offer mobile apps. More than half of all shoppers (53 percent) like stores or shopping centers that have apps to make shopping easier. That figure rises to 72 percent for Millennials 60 percent for Generation X.7


Based on a review of actual usage, here are the most accessed areas of shopping center apps:

  • Shopping center map
  • Store directory
  • Indoor Mapping
  • General Shopping center information
  • Events
  • Offers
  • Parking
  • Movie times

Our shopping center solution uses cutting-edge technology to create a premium shopping experience, making every service your shopping center offers accessible through your branded mobile app. Shoppers can find the retailer they are looking for with ease, look up movie showtimes, stay informed about mall events and even make reservations for seasonal offerings like Ramadan Tents, etc. Individual retailers can also increase their exposure by promoting sales and specials directly in the shopping center app. Features of our shopping center app include a directory of retailers, in-app advertising, featured sales, events and promotions, content management, dynamic indoor and outdoor maps, parking reminders, analytics, location marketing and more.

You’ll notice that just a few basic features are enough to fuel shopper interest. Shopping center apps can do much more, and completely redefine the shopping experience. Imagine the excitement and engagement you can generate by offering shoppers a full-featured, customized app for your property.